Resistance Band Singapore- Top 5 Trending Exercises

Resistance Band Singapore is one key trend to look out for. In the world of fitness, resistance bands have gained immense popularity due to its elasticity, portability, and durability. The resistance bands are excellent equipment for improving inner strength. It is a power-packed tool bolstering the muscular contraction and aiding in giving the body toned physic. Available in various colors and thickness, resistance bands differentiate in length, style, and tension levels. One band is sufficient for toning every muscle in the body and enhancing physical endurance.

Workout Sessions using Resistance Band Singapore:

Portable and easy to use resistance band Singapore can help gym-goers perform the following exercise at home or even while traveling.

Squat and press

For enhancing the quadriceps muscles, squat and press with resistance band is an excellent exercise. To perform this, the user has to stand in the center of the band and, with an overhand grip, hold the handles. Squat till the quads come in a parallel position to the floor. Pulling the handles overhead, now stand up and keep your arms straighten. Repeat this 5 to 8 times every day.


To improve the endurance of the gluteus muscles, perform kickbacks using the resistance band. On a yoga mat, bend down with your hands and legs, with the hands placed perpendicular to the ground under the chest. Lopping the resistance band behind the arch of one foot, squeeze the butt muscles and extend the legs. Continue to straighten the leg and kick and repeat it for both the legs.

Standing chest press

A strong muscular chest can be achieved using the resistance band Singapore at home. Loping in the midsection of the elastic band to a secured object like a door or a pole and keep the band angled at the chest level. Now face away from the post and hold the handle in each hand and bring them up in line with the chest while keeping the arms parallel to the floor. Look forward with a straight back and pull the band to eye level. Slowly retract to the neutral position, but never let the elbows move past the shoulders while performing this exercise.

Band Biceps Curl

For a toned bicep muscle, use a resistance band Singapore and, with one foot placed in the middle of the band, stand upright. Hold the band handles with palms facing upward. Now keep the elbows close to the body and twist and pull one hand to the shoulder level for creating a muscular contraction in the biceps.

Leaning Twist

A leaning twist with resistance band Singapore can benefit the arms, shoulder, and back. For this, the user has to sit with both the feet looped in the ban; knees bent slightly and arms holding the band’s end. Leaning back, users can twist their upper section towards left for fully extending their right arm above the head and keep the left arm straightened next to the waist. Now slowly turn the body and perform the same for the right side. While performing this exercise, keep the spine in a neutral posture, engage the core, and lift the chest to avoid overarching.

Bottom-line to end your Resistance Band Singapore Workout

For maintaining a healthy life, a regular fitness regime is a must. And with a resistance band, users need not visit a gym for a workout. As Virtual Events are a hit recently, the opportunity of having virtual workout sessions can be a great idea to engage your guests to a whole new level.


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Tips for Virtual Events Presentation Pitching

Here are some Tips for Virtual Events! In the wake of the global pandemic, when office-based jobs have shifted to work from home, the necessity for having an engaging online experience is higher than ever. Virtual meetings and live streaming is the current trend of work whether you use it for online educational classes, or connect to clients, or provide corporate training.

The need of the hour is an engaging presentation during the virtual meeting that will entice the audience and retain their interest in the session. Statistics reveal that the main Tips for Virtual Events is that the more the engaging content is, the more the audience will learn and enjoy your services and will come back again and again for more. But to make a virtual event engaging, as a presenter, you must focus on keeping the audience engaged before, during, and after the session.

Tips for Creating an Engaging Presentation

Keeping the audience engaged is challenging, especially in a digital media platform. So let us check out some of the tips for virtual events.

Keeping the audience engaged is challenging, especially in a digital media platform. So let us check out some of the tips for virtual events.

A brief introduction as a Tips for Virtual Events

Have an emcee or start the presentation with a unique introduction as it will have a profound impact on the audience. An excellent introduction is a prelude to the overall agenda and enables the participants to understand what is coming next. As a presenter, you can either go for a live emcee on special events or play a pre-recorded sequence for webinar or podcast sessions. Besides, the intro must incorporate a reference of past success to keep the audience engaged.

Short and crisp presentation

Make the presentation short and crisp. It is seen that presentations below 30 minutes work best to keep the audience engaged as there is so much information that they can process at a time. So after priming the attendees with a unique intro, shift to a concise presentation of 10 – 12 slides. Use pointers and relevant images to make the presentation more engaging. The information in the slides should be specific and to the point. After the presentation is over, you can provide more details during the Q&A session.

Incorporate visuals and media 

A black and white presentation for 30 minutes can make the audience lose interest in the presentation. So it is imperative to vary the presentation material with video, images, and text. It is best to keep the text in the presentation to the minimum and include short length videos, graphs, and pictures. Besides, if you take video links from social media platforms, add them at the end of the presentation so the audience can refer in the future.

Interact with the audience

Interaction plays a pivotal part in keeping the audience engaged and active. Pose rhetorical questions that will stimulate the audience’s imaginations before you move on to the next slide having new information. One tip for virtual events is to incorporate polls and surveys to understand the needs of the audience and customizing it according to their needs. Lastly, presenters must speak directly to the camera. For an engaging virtual event, it is necessary to keep the webcam on so the audience can see the facial reactions and become more engaged.

Tips for Virtual Events:End the Session with Q&A

After a brisk presentation, it is necessary to have a 20-minutes Q&A session in which you can provide the audience with more detailed information. If the audience is slow in asking questions, begin by answering to the queries that were left out during the presentation.

After a brisk presentation, it is necessary to have a 20-minutes Q&A session in which you can provide the audience with more detailed information. If the audience is slow in asking questions, begin by answering to the queries that were left out during the presentation.

Continue offline engagement

Audience engagement doesn’t get over as the presentation ends. You can post the presentation slides and recordings of the virtual event on the website to retain the audience’s interest. Also, please send links to the attendees’ email addresses so they can have access to these materials. Furthermore, as a token of appreciation, you can send them virtual customized gifts using Virtual Event Printing, wherein participants can choose their gifts.

Conclusion for Tips for Virtual Events

It takes a lot of effort to make an event successful, whether it is an in-person meeting or a virtual event. Engaging the audience is of prime importance so that the message is delivered to the target audience. However, if live events are possible, there are great ideas for fringe activities for corporate events such as Dinner & Dance.


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6 Popular Event Fringe Activities Singapore

Fringe activities Singapore has become highly popular, be it in a corporate event or a social function. The fringe activities Singapore helps bring people together and also offer a great platform to network. These days, Digital Personalisation is one key factor that most event attendees look for and it has proven by surveys done at various events.

Try out these fringe activities in Singapore, and we assure you that they will be fun and also let your guests bond with each other.

Fringe activities Singapore: Gel Candles

Gel Candles

Customization is the key today, and if you want to let your guests enjoy the same, then conduct fringe activities that enable you, guests, to make cute figurines in candles. The gel candle workshop is for those who are creative at heart. One gets to handcraft the candle using figurines as well as with sand.

The gel candles look better because they are transparent and intricate. This makes them different from the other candles. Gel candle making is also therapeutic and can be a fun-filled event. The participants will be guided through the steps, and they learn the trick of gel candle making. The best part is that they get to take the gel candles home.

Customized Perfumes

We all love fragrance, so why not arrange for fringe activities that let your guests make their signature perfume. They will learn how to create fragrances that are unique to them and also carry it back home. They do not need any experience in making perfume. The workshop will guide them through the entire process of making a customized perfume. 

Decorating Mason Jars with Flowers

Decorating Mason Jars with Flowers

Mason jars are everywhere, and they are used to store oats or to serve ice cream beverages. They come to many other uses too. Did you know that the Mason jar can also be used to keep a bouquet? Your guests get to learn the skill of creating the craft, and they also get a chance to interact with others. Mason jars can make an ideal centerpiece, and through these fringe activities, they get to learn how to make use of different flowers and arrange them in a bouquet so that the flowers can complement each other.

Make an Air Plant Terrarium

Air Plant Terrarium

Let your guests get hands-on experience in making an air plant terrarium. They get to earn this from scratch. They get to know what a terrarium is and why it is low maintenance and also how to make it self-sustainable. This is also an excellent activity for corporate events as it instills team building.

Fringe activities Singapore: Stomp music

This is a fringe activity where your guests get to make use of everyday materials like plastic bottles and glass that have been lying around to make music. It is not just an eye-opening but also an ear-opening feel. The melodies that these waste stuff create could even surprise you. Your guests are sure to love this art and may want to try it at home too.

Customize on the Pouch

Caligraphy on Pouches

Through this activity, your guests learn the uniqueness of being able to customize so freely. This will let the creative side come out, and your guests will also be able to add a personal touch to their pouch. Fringe Activities Singapore has proven the success of being able to engage your guests to a whole new level.

There are many DIY workshops too conducted where the participants do activities that are fun and also helps to bring out their creativity. These fringe activities in Singapore are great to relieve stress and sharpen the mental focus.


It is important to ensure your guests are well taken care of and that they are fully engaged at your event. You can make their experience even better with Quality Corporate Gifts that you can offer to them to make their event experience even more memorable.


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5 Fringe Activities Ideas for a great D&D event

Find out more about the 5 Fringe Activities Ideas for your D&D event! Laying down event booths for your D&D fringe activities might be easier than picking the activities itself. When you choose fringe activities to keep in mind that it is the experience that matters more than anything. What exactly will make a great attendee experience? Whatever be the activity you choose, check whether there is some learning, some souvenir that the guest can take back with them. This will etch a good picture of your D&D event in their memory.

1. Face painting 

Given the abundance of face markers in the market, creating a spot where the guests can get their face painted would make the event livelier. It is also one of the most common D&D fringe activities that impress guests of all age groups. The added benefit is that you can pick themes and face paint designs that blend with the party concept.

2. Custom printing booth

This is one of the best D&D fringe activities ideas where you can let the guests take part in the process. You can let them decide what design they would like to print. You can then offer a host of surfaces where they can get the design printed like t-shirts, notebooks, or coffee mugs. When they are done picking their choice of design, they can watch their print come to life. Finally, they take home the customized merchandise as a souvenir. Gift your guests some awesome ideas for corporate gifts to make this event experience even more memorable.

3. 3D printing activity

3D printers can be in the form of the massive setups that automatically print the design you feed in a computer or simple 3D printing pens, which can be used to create smaller designs. You can set up a zone where the guests can print a 3-dimensional copy of their favorite designs. As 3D printing is still in its early stages of popularity, this activity can be a huge hit when you plan for your event.

4. Photo booth

The good old photo booth is one of the fool-proof D&D fringe activities ideas that anyone would enjoy. You can place props where the party guests can click their favorite pictures. This would also give you a chance to capture some memorable photos for the event album. It is important to keep this memory for both your attendees and yourself, find out the reasons and benefits why you should take more pictures. Putting together props to depict a theme or a scene is easy today, and there are event managers who can help you set a good photo booth that reflects your party genre.

5. Caricature 

Like customized merchandise where your guests can obtain photo gifts, caricatures are fun activities. These allow the party guests to take back an amusing caricature of themselves either alone or with their friends. Many caricature artists can let you give the guests their miniatures in a short period. Sometimes you can also mail them the caricature after the party along with a thank you note for attending your party.

All the fringe activities on this list are versatile choices no matter what kind of guests you can expect at the dinner and dance party. These can be set up in small spaces and can also be held without hampering the proceedings of the actual event. 


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Corporate Gifts Online

It`s the festive season. What comes to your mind first? Gifts and more gifts! It is very important for a business man to make his clients, customers and suppliers happy and show them how important they are to him. A simple way to express your relationship with them is by gifting them on all special occassions. It is infact the businessman`s duty and responsibility to greet all his active, dormant, new and old clients with gifts that would portray his brand and image. Register your name in your client`s mind by gifting them the best.

Simple yet expensive – for Treasure Lovers

Greeting cards are always the best option when it comes to gifting somebody. Visit the Archies for the latest online cards this year. They are celebrating this Diwali with Colourful Festive Lamp cards. The latest is a hanging lamp with golden latticework, highlighting the importance of the festival and its spirit and brings light and colour to your house. Apart from this, they also bring to you beautiful UV finished radiant lamp cards to bring in peace and prosperity this diwali.

For the Candy Crushers – Yummy Chocolates

Chocolates are an all time favourite for all with no age bars. This is a special extended gift option not only to your client but to his family too. Wrap them up beautifully and present it to your business partner and strengthen your business and personal relationship. The new releases for this festive season are the premium chocolates, sumptuous chocolates and the usual assorted ones.

Try treating your tongue to just one!

For the Fast And The Furious- Time

Time is something which cannot be bought but a watch or clock can definitely be bought as a gift. It is the best gift for the ones who are very punctual and follow discipline. Awarding them e-reward cards from Titan, Tanishq etc. would boost their performance levels. Give it a try.

For the Techies!

Gadgets are becoming an essential part in everybody`s life and today there is a wide range available. They are one of the best corporate gifts. Every bit of any work is dependent on a gadget. Corporates choose from i-phones to pen drives and gift it to their employees.

Gift Cards

Organisations make partnerships with big brands like Amazon, Reliance and take few coupons and gift cards from them in return for some value. Such cards are gifted to employees which they can use for shopping. Other forms of gift cards are food coupons, event or movie tickets, holiday packages etc.  Organisations also develop tie ups with leading supermarkets where the employee can make a purchase from a wide variety of items.

This system of corporate gifting has been adapted only recently and with the development of technology the choices are becoming vast. The above mentioned are only a few options that have replaced the traditional gifting styles. But the best gift anybody can receive is always a friendly appreciative pat. Other simple ones can be an appreciation letter, an email or a position hike.