5 Fringe Activities Ideas for a great D&D event

Find out more about the 5 Fringe Activities Ideas for your D&D event! Laying down event booths for your D&D fringe activities might be easier than picking the activities itself. When you choose fringe activities to keep in mind that it is the experience that matters more than anything. What exactly will make a great attendee experience? Whatever be the activity you choose, check whether there is some learning, some souvenir that the guest can take back with them. This will etch a good picture of your D&D event in their memory.

1. Face painting 

Given the abundance of face markers in the market, creating a spot where the guests can get their face painted would make the event livelier. It is also one of the most common D&D fringe activities that impress guests of all age groups. The added benefit is that you can pick themes and face paint designs that blend with the party concept.

2. Custom printing booth

This is one of the best D&D fringe activities ideas where you can let the guests take part in the process. You can let them decide what design they would like to print. You can then offer a host of surfaces where they can get the design printed like t-shirts, notebooks, or coffee mugs. When they are done picking their choice of design, they can watch their print come to life. Finally, they take home the customized merchandise as a souvenir. Gift your guests some awesome ideas for corporate gifts to make this event experience even more memorable.

3. 3D printing activity

3D printers can be in the form of the massive setups that automatically print the design you feed in a computer or simple 3D printing pens, which can be used to create smaller designs. You can set up a zone where the guests can print a 3-dimensional copy of their favorite designs. As 3D printing is still in its early stages of popularity, this activity can be a huge hit when you plan for your event.

4. Photo booth

The good old photo booth is one of the fool-proof D&D fringe activities ideas that anyone would enjoy. You can place props where the party guests can click their favorite pictures. This would also give you a chance to capture some memorable photos for the event album. It is important to keep this memory for both your attendees and yourself, find out the reasons and benefits why you should take more pictures. Putting together props to depict a theme or a scene is easy today, and there are event managers who can help you set a good photo booth that reflects your party genre.

5. Caricature 

Like customized merchandise where your guests can obtain photo gifts, caricatures are fun activities. These allow the party guests to take back an amusing caricature of themselves either alone or with their friends. Many caricature artists can let you give the guests their miniatures in a short period. Sometimes you can also mail them the caricature after the party along with a thank you note for attending your party.

All the fringe activities on this list are versatile choices no matter what kind of guests you can expect at the dinner and dance party. These can be set up in small spaces and can also be held without hampering the proceedings of the actual event. 


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