The world got online a lot more than usual this year. Ecommerce is the buzz word of 2020. Online or digital or internet advertising are terms used to describe marketing via the internet. There are different platforms across the internet for digital marketers to advertise their products.

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In this article, you will get to know what Online Advertising is, which platforms let you do online marketing and why it is hugely profitable as compared to traditional marketing.

Where does Online Advertising Happen?

  • Google

The tech giant Google is at the forefront of online advertising. Google’s 2019 advertising revenue mount to 1690.74 billion U.S dollars. It is no wonder that Google is growing every year, through PPC ( Pay-Per-Click).

The advertisers have to pay a fee whenever someone clicks on their ad. By using a pay-per-click platform, marketers can target those who are actually in need of their service or product. Marketers can set up Google AdWords campaigns for their business by giving relevant keywords and phrases related to their business.

  • Facebook

As of 2019, Facebook has an active monthly figure of 2.45 billion users. It is one of the popular platforms where digital marketing is flourishing. Social media sites have information on the likes and interests of a user, hence making target advertising easier. Like Google, Facebook also lets to promote business according to your customer browsing habits.

  • Instagram and YouTube

A lot of young people prefer Instagram over Facebook. It is easier for businesses that target the young population to focus more on this medium and save advertising on other platforms. YouTube is another profitable online video advertising platform. Ads on YouTube will be chargeable when the first 30 seconds get viewed.

Why is Online Advertising better than Traditional Advertising?

  • Cost-Effective

Online Advertising lets you target a specific audience who are most likely to buy the product, hence costing a limited fee. In traditional advertising, which forms the print, billboard, television cannot target audience and costs much more.

  • Online Ad is Engaging

Social Media advertising creates a channel for customer engagement. Marketers have easier access to build customer relationships and promote conversation on how to better their product. Traditional Marketing is one-way communication.

  • Track Growth

Digital Marketers can track their marketing success rates. What ideas work and what does not. Traditional markets have it difficult as their results depend wholly on the outcome of the sales.

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  • Retargeting Consumers

Retargeting is yet another benefit of digital marketing. Here marketers can retarget the consumers even after they left the website.

  • Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a digital content creation strategy where marketers promote the product by creating useful, educational content related to the product. For example, a company selling electronic goods can run a blog on ‘How to install your television yourself.’