Resistance Band Singapore- Top 5 Trending Exercises

Resistance Band Singapore is one key trend to look out for. In the world of fitness, resistance bands have gained immense popularity due to its elasticity, portability, and durability. The resistance bands are excellent equipment for improving inner strength. It is a power-packed tool bolstering the muscular contraction and aiding in giving the body toned physic. Available in various colors and thickness, resistance bands differentiate in length, style, and tension levels. One band is sufficient for toning every muscle in the body and enhancing physical endurance.

Workout Sessions using Resistance Band Singapore:

Portable and easy to use resistance band Singapore can help gym-goers perform the following exercise at home or even while traveling.

Squat and press

For enhancing the quadriceps muscles, squat and press with resistance band is an excellent exercise. To perform this, the user has to stand in the center of the band and, with an overhand grip, hold the handles. Squat till the quads come in a parallel position to the floor. Pulling the handles overhead, now stand up and keep your arms straighten. Repeat this 5 to 8 times every day.


To improve the endurance of the gluteus muscles, perform kickbacks using the resistance band. On a yoga mat, bend down with your hands and legs, with the hands placed perpendicular to the ground under the chest. Lopping the resistance band behind the arch of one foot, squeeze the butt muscles and extend the legs. Continue to straighten the leg and kick and repeat it for both the legs.

Standing chest press

A strong muscular chest can be achieved using the resistance band Singapore at home. Loping in the midsection of the elastic band to a secured object like a door or a pole and keep the band angled at the chest level. Now face away from the post and hold the handle in each hand and bring them up in line with the chest while keeping the arms parallel to the floor. Look forward with a straight back and pull the band to eye level. Slowly retract to the neutral position, but never let the elbows move past the shoulders while performing this exercise.

Band Biceps Curl

For a toned bicep muscle, use a resistance band Singapore and, with one foot placed in the middle of the band, stand upright. Hold the band handles with palms facing upward. Now keep the elbows close to the body and twist and pull one hand to the shoulder level for creating a muscular contraction in the biceps.

Leaning Twist

A leaning twist with resistance band Singapore can benefit the arms, shoulder, and back. For this, the user has to sit with both the feet looped in the ban; knees bent slightly and arms holding the band’s end. Leaning back, users can twist their upper section towards left for fully extending their right arm above the head and keep the left arm straightened next to the waist. Now slowly turn the body and perform the same for the right side. While performing this exercise, keep the spine in a neutral posture, engage the core, and lift the chest to avoid overarching.

Bottom-line to end your Resistance Band Singapore Workout

For maintaining a healthy life, a regular fitness regime is a must. And with a resistance band, users need not visit a gym for a workout. As Virtual Events are a hit recently, the opportunity of having virtual workout sessions can be a great idea to engage your guests to a whole new level.


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